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  • What is automation testing
  • When to go for Automation
  • Different Automation Tools (vendor & open source tools)
  • Advantages of Automation
  • Criteria for Automation
  • Difference between Manual Testing & Automation Testing Process

Introduction to Selenium

  • What is selenium Tool
  • Use of selenium tool in automation
  • Features of Selenium tool
  • Differences between Selenium and other tools

Selenium Components

  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium RC
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Selenium Grid
  • Selendroid

Configuration of Selenium IDE & Dev. Scripts

  • Recording the scripts in IDE
  • Running the scripts
  • Saving the scripts and using again
  • Understanding of the objects identification (id, name)
  • Difference between Test case and test suit
  • Languages supported while recording
  • Synchronization in Selenium IDE (wait commands)
  • Testing Vs Selenium IDE
  • When to use Selenium IDE
  • Limitations of IDE

Configuring Eclipse IDE for Java & Selenium

  • How to Create new java project
  • How to create a new java class
  • Running java class
  • Viewing the results of java program


Debug Scripts in Eclipse

  • Understanding Debug
  • Using Breakpoints
  • Verify the values during debug
  • Using step over, step into

Learning Java

  • Introduction to Java programming
  • Data Types in Java
  • Wrapper Classes
  • Declaring Variables
  • Writing java program and running

Conditional Statements

  • If condition
  • If else condition
  • If else if condition (nested if)
  • Switch case statement
  • Examples for all the above conditions

Loop Statements

  • While loop
  • Do while
  • For loop
  • For each loop
  • Examples for all the above loops

OOPS Concepts

  • Class
  • Polymorphism
  • Inheritance
  • Package
  • Inheritance

Web Driver

  • Introduction to Web Driver
  • Configure Eclipse IDE (Adding selenium Libraries)
  • Using Firefox Driver API
  • Working with Different Elements and programming Edit boxes, Checkbox, Radio Buttons, Buttons, Links
  • Selecting values from a Dropdown list
  • Understanding xpath to locate elements in web page
  • Working with Table Elements
  • Reading data from Table
  • Using Actions class
  • Handing keyboard, mouse events

Handling Windows

  • How to handle multiple browser
  • Handling alerts
  • Handling windows alerts using (Auto it/ sikuli)
  • Handling Frames


  • What is TestNG
  • Create TestNG.xml file
  • Integrate the Selenium Scripts and Run from TestNG
  • Reporting Results & Analyze
  • Run Scripts from Multiple Browsers
  • TestNG Annotations
  • Reporting Results


  • What is Junit
  • Create a Junit file
  • Junit Annotations
  • Testing with Junit
  • Difference Between Junit & TestNG

Automation Life Cycle

  • What is a Framework
  • Types of Frameworks
  • Modular framework
  • Data Driven framework
  • Keyword driven framework
  • Hybrid framework
  • Use of Framework
  • How develop the framework
  • Integration of the framework
  • How execute the scripts from framework

Database Connection (JDBC)

  • SQL Server
  • My SQL
  • Oracle

Selenium Grid

  • Introduction
  • How to work with grid
  • Parallel Execution

Additional Concepts

  • Actions
  • How to use Key commands Mouse over
  • Scrolling Down
  • What is ANT & Maven
  • Build Management with Maven
  • Developing the scripts and converting src to executable file


    • Setting up the environment with Android SDK
    • Developing the scripts
    • Executing the scripts on mobile