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  • What is SAP?
  • ASAP Methodology
  • About versions and Architecture
  • SAP landscape
  • Nomenclatures
  • About HRMS
  • HR in SAP
  • Why SAP HR as ERP Solution for a company


  • Enterprise Structure
  • Personnel Structure
  • Organizational Structure


  • Overview of Organizational Objects and Structures
  • Creating and interpreting positions
  • Relationships
  • Infotype Maintenance
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Expert Mode
  • Reporting Structure
  • Maintenance of Plan versions
  • Data Transfer between Plan Versions
  • Maintenance of Number Ranges for Objects


  • Hiring
  • Maintaining Master Data
  • Maintaining Infotypes
  • Orientation of Features and Configuration
  • Creation of Infogroups
  • Configuration of Personnel Actions
  • Maintaining Infotype Menus
  • Defaulting the User Parameters
  • Overview of Dynamic Actions
  • Maintain Number Ranges for Personnel Actions
  • Integration of Personnel Administration with Organizational Management
  • Overview of scenarios with respect to different countries
  • Exercises on hiring, personnel displays and maintenance
  • PA Reporting


  • Employee Groupings
  • Configuration of Holiday Calendar
  • Configuration of Work Schedules and Daily Work Schedules
  • Configuration of Period Work Schedule and Work Schedule Rule
  • Generating Work Schedules Manually and Batch Folder
  • Configuration of different Absent Types and Absence Quotas
  • Configuration of Attendances
  • Overtime calculation on Daily and Weekly Work Hours
  • Configuration of Time Types
  • Configuration of Time wage types
  • Base Entitlement Rules for Quotas
  • Generation Rules for Quotas
  • Maintenance of Features
  • Counting Rules, Deduction Rules and Selection Rules
  • Time Management Schema


  • Configuration of Payroll Area, Payroll Sub-area and Control Record
  • Generation of Payroll Periods
  • Absence Valuation
  • Time wage type Valuation
  • Pay Scale Structure Configuration
  • Wage type Configurations
  • Indirect Valuation Concepts
  • Payroll Status
  • Payroll Process Overview
  • Deductions
  • Infotype Maintenance
  • Garnishments
  • Tax Calculation and Verification
  • Creation of Symbolic A/C and map with wage types and GL A/C
  • Payroll Postings to FI
  • Generation of Posting Dates
  • Processing Classes
  • Cumulation Classes
  • Evaluation Classes
  • Payroll Schema
  • Retro-Payroll
  • Variation of payroll with respect to countries
  • Overview of USA, UK and India payrolls


  • Configuration of Benefit Area
  • Benefit Providers Setting
  • Plan Categories
  • Plan Status
  • Benefit Parameter Group Configuration
  • Benefit Plans Configuration (Health Plan, Insurance Plan, Savings Plan)
  • Configuration of Cost Variants and Cost Rules
  • Configuration of Coverage Variants and Coverage Rules
  • Program Groupings
  • Employee Eligibility and Termination Groupings
  • Benefits Integration with Payroll


  • Configuration of Appraisals
  • Creating Profiles
  • Creating Qualification Catalogue
  • Running Profile Match up


  • Introduction to ESS and MSS
  • Introduction to Travel Management
  • E-Recruitment
  • Basic Concepts of SAP Portal