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SAP Net Weaver and Enterprise Services Architecture

  • mySAP Business Suite and mySAP ERP
  • Definition of SAP Net Weaver
  • The SAP Release Strategy
  • SAP Net Weaver architecture and Overview


  • What Is an SAP System?
  • Process of a System Logon
  • Configuring SAP Logon
  • Advanced Navigation in the SAP GUI
  • Analysis Transactions

Planning the Installation of SAP ERP

  • Planning and the preparation for Installation
  • Installation on Windows
  • Installation on UNIX
  • Installing and Patching Oracle Database Software
  • Central Instance Installation
  • Database Instance Installation
  • Dialog Instance Installation

Troubleshooting Installation Problems and Post-Installation Activities
SAP GUI Installation
Starting and Stopping the SAP System

  • System Start Process
  • Log tracing techniques in SAP and OS
  • System Shutdown and Startup process and analysis
  • Starting and Stopping SAP under Windows and UNIX Operating Systems
  • Database Logs

The System Kernel

  • Architecture of the SAP Web Application Server
  • Dispatcher Process
  • Work process Architecture
  • Different types of work process and their importance
  • Dialog Processing in the SAP System
  • Communication with the Database
  • SAP Transactions

System Monitoring

  • Various Monitoring Techniques and Tcodes
  • Monitoring Architecture
  • Remote Systems Monitoring Techniques
  • Creating Own Monitoring methods
  • Maintains of Variants and Threshuld Values

Scheduling and Monitoring Background Tasks

  • Fundamentals of Background Processing
  • Various types of Background Jobs

SAP Spoul Administration

  • Overview of spoul process
  • Configure and Troubleshoot SAP Printers

System Configuration Techniques

  • How the System Evaluates its Parameters
  • How to Set System Parameters
  • Setting up Operation Modes

Transport Management in ABAP

  • The Transport Process
  • Imports Using TMS
  • Monitoring Touls
  • Transport Directory Structure and Files
  • tp, the Transport Contrul Program
  • Import Process
  • Troubleshooting Transports
  • Cleaning Up the Transport Directory
  • Transports Performing and Checking


  • System Monitoring with CCMS
  • Maintaining Profiles and Operation Modes
  • Managing Alerts   

Client Administration

  • Client Copy and Transport Touls
  • Client Compare and Maintenance Touls

Implementing Patches, Support Packages, Plug-Ins, and Add-Ons

  • How to download the patches and applying Patches,
  • Support Packages
  • Importing Support Packages
  • Importing SAP Notes

Touls for SAP System Administration

  • Daily Tasks in System Management
  • SAP Service Marketplace
  • SAP Developer Network

Setting Up Remote Connections

  • Fundamentals and Types of RFC
  • Setting Up RFC Connections

Security Administration

  • User Administration Concept
  • Authorization Concept
  • Login Parameters and User Info
  • Advanced User Administration Topics

Performance Monitoring, Tuning and Trouble shooting

  • Workload Analysis
  • Performance Analysis Monitors
  • SAP Memory Management
  • Hardware Capacity Verification
  • Expensive SQL Statements
  • SAP Table Buffering
  • RFC Monitoring
  • Introduction to System Security
  • Printers in SAP Systems
  • Structured Troubleshooting
  • Advanced User Administration Topics

SAP Database Administration

  • Database Introduction
  • Database Backup, Restore and Recovery
  • Tape Management
  • Space Management
  • Monitors and Touls
  • Database Reorganization
  • Sap Database Administration using SAPDBA, BRTouls and BRGUI
  • Homogeneous and Heterogeneous System copy