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  1. How To Activate GST For Your Company
  2. Caluculate Of GST (IGST,CGST,SGST)
  3. Table Of GST Adjustment With Journal Voucher Entries
  4. Creating Stock Items And Stock Group For GST
  5. To Map Your UOM To UQC In The Stock Items
  6. Creating A Sale Ledger GST In Tally
  7. Creating Purchase Ledger 18% In Tally
  8. Creating A Inter State Sales Ledger GST Interstate Sales (Outside Sales) In Tally
  9. Creating Interstate Purchase Ledger GST Interstate Purchase(Outside Purchase) In Tally
  10. How To Restarting Voucher Numbering For GST Transaction In Tally
  11. Creating Party Ledger Such As Suppliers,Customers And So On For GST In Tally Erp9
  12. Recording Local Purchase (With State)Under GST In Tally Erp 9
  13. Recording Interstate Purchase (Outside State) Under GST In Tally Erp9
  14. Recording Local GST Sales(With State) In Tally Erp9
  15. Recording IGST (Sales Outside) In Tally Erp9
  16. Ledger For Any Indirect Expenses Like Discount On Sale ,Packing Charges.Can Be Created And To Be Included In GST Sale Invoice Under Tally Erp 9