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 Introduction to ERP 
What is Oracle Application/E-Business suite 
Versions available in Oracle 
Versions available in Oracle Application 
What are major modules available in Oracle Application 
ERP’s available in the market 
Why Oracle application is so popular 
What Basically Implementation, up gradation & Support is? 
Overview of Implementation of Oracle Application 
Companies Implementing Oracle Application 
Hardware requirements for Oracle Application 
Procure to pay Cycle 
Order to Cash Cycle 
Fixed Assets to General Ledger Cycle 

Oracle General Ledger

Flex Fields 

  •  Accounting Flex Fields
  •  GL Ledger Flex Fields

Chart of accounts 
Account Setup Manager

  •  Define Legal Entity
  •  Define Ledgers
  •  Define Accounting Options
  •  Add Legal Entities to Ledgers 

Ledger Sets 
Definition Access Sets 
Auto Copy Journals 
Reversal Journals

  •  Manual Reversal
  •  Auto Reversal 

Suspense Journals 
Recurring Journals

  •  Standard 
  •  Skeleton 
  •  Formula 

Mass Allocation Journals 
Inter Company & Intra Company Journals 

  •  Without Qualifying Method 
  •  With Qualifying Method 

Reporting Currency Ledgers 

  •  Balance Method
  •  Journal Method 
  •  Sub Ledger Method 
  •  Adjustment Only 

Revaluation Process 
Posting Method 

  •  Manual 
  • Batch Posting 
  • Auto Posting 

About Security Rules 
About Cross Validation Rules 
Financial Statement Generator (FSG) 
Journal Approval Process 

Oracle Purchasing 

MOAC Setups 
Define Locations 
Define Business Group 
Define Operating Units 
Define Security Profile 
Define HR Organization 
Define Security & User Access 
Define Purchasing Options 
Define Jobs 
Define Positions 
Define Employees 
Define Employee/Position Hierarchies’ 
Define Buyers 
Define Approval Groups 
Approval Group Assignments 
Process Setup 

  • Define Master Item 
  • Create Requisition 
  • Define Suppliers 
  • Create Requisition ,RFQ, Quotations & Purchase Order 
  • Creating Receipts 
  • Self Billing Invoices (Auto Invoices) 
  • Create Document Style 
  • Create Complex Work Order 
  • Create Accounting 
  • Returns 
  • Receiving Option 
  • Copy Document 
  • Auto Create 
  • Close/Cancel PO Requisition 

Oracle Payables

MOAC Setup 
Define Financial Option 
Define Payable Options 
Invoice Work Bench 

  • Standard
  • Debit Memo 
  • Credit Memo 
  • Mixed Invoices 
  • Pre Payments 
  • Retain Age Release 
  • Expenses Report 
  • With Holding Tax Invoices 
  • Interest Invoices 
  • Recurring Invoices 
  • Define Grants & Roles (User Management) 
  • Define Banks 
  • Define Branches 
  • Define Bank Accounts 
  • Define Payable Documents 
  • Define Organization Access 
  • Define Payables Controls 
  • Define Reconciliation Controls 

Payment Workbench 

  • Manual Payments 
  • Quick Payments 
  • Bills Receivables 
  • Refund Payments 

Period Close Process 

  • Manual Hold 
  • System Hold 

Invoice Matching with P.O 
Quick Match (P.O) 
Payment Terms 
Distribution Set 

  • Full Type
  • Skeleton 

Cancellation of Invoice 

Oracle Fixed Assets 

Flex Fields 

  • Category Flex Fields 
  • Asset Key Flex Fields 
  • Locations Flex Fields 

Define System Controls 
Define Fiscal Years 
Define Calendars 

  • Depreciation Calendar 
  • Prorate Calendar 

Define Prorate Convention 
Define Depreciation Methods 
Define Asset Categories 
Define Asset Books 
Asset Additions 

  • Mass Addition 
  • Quick Addition 
  • Manual Addition 

Run Deprecation 
Mass Retirement 
Asset Revaluation 
Mass Changes 
Mass Transfer 
Asset Re-Classifications 
Create Accounting 
Tax Book 
Amortization and Cost Adjustment 
Split and Merge 
What If Analysis 
CIP Assets 
Transferring Assets JE to GL 

Oracle Receivables 

Introduction to Receivables 
MOAC Setups For Receivables 
Configuring System Options 

  • Customers 
  • Parties 
  • Organizations 
  • Relationships 

Auto Accounting 
Transaction Types 
Transaction Batch Sources 
Document Sequencing 
Transaction Work Bench 

  • Invoices 
  • Credit Memo 
  • Debit Memo 
  • Deposits 

Bills Receivables 
Receivables Activities 
Define Receipt Class 
Manual Receipts 
Receipt with Auto Cash Rule Sets 
Receivables transfer to General Ledger 
Period Close Process 

EBT (Enterprise Business Taxes) 

Geography Codes 
Tax Regimes 
Tax Statuses 
Tax Jurisdiction 
Tax Rates 
Tax Rules 
Application Tax Options 
Configuration Tax Options 
Create Tax Party Profile 
Create Party Tax Profile For Third Parties 
Recoverable Tax 
Non-Recoverable Tax 

Cash Management 

MOAC for Cash Management 
Define System Parameters 
Manual Reconciliation 
Bank Transfers 
Cash Forecasting 

System Administration 

Define Application User 
Control Application User 
Assign Responsibility to the User 
Control Responsibility 
Setup Menu and Function 
Setup Profile for Monitoring Application User 
Monitoring Application Users 
Define Responsibility 
Update System Profile Options 
Define Concurrent Program 
Define Concurrent Program Executables 
Define User Define Application 

Real Time Project 

Implementation Project 

  • Development. 
  • UAT 
  • Production 

Implementation Process 

  • Conducting Workshop. 
  • CRP and UAT 
  • Documentation Deliverables
  • BP-080 
  • RD-50/BR30 
  • BR-010(GAP Analysis) 
  • RD -20 (Questionnaires) 
  • BR-100 
  • BR-110 (Security profile and other configuration info) 
  • Conversion Process (CV-010,CV-40) 
  • Interface Process (MD-50) 
  • Reports and Forms (MD-50) 
  • Testing Documents (TE-20,TE-40,TE-110). 

Support Project: 
Handling Issues 

  • User Issues 
  • Product Issue 
  • Data fix Issue 

Oracle Support (Help from Oracle -Metalink) 

  • Raising Service Request based on the Severity 1, 2, 3 and 4- Minimal.
Rollout Project 
Up gradation Project.